Monetize Blog Without Adsense? Is Adsense The Best Way To Monetize Your Blog?

You can Monetize Blog Without Adsense, but many people also think that Google Adsense is good for monetizing blogs. It is also true that the amount of revenue from Google Adsense from other services is much harder. It is easier than any other service to monetize your blog with Google Adsense.

Most people are more interested in Google AdSense. But apart from Google AdSense, there are many other ways to Monetize Blog Without Adsense to earn money from blogs from which you can often earn more from Google AdSense. Blogging is a great way to share what you love with everyone.

Monetize Blog Without Adsense – How To Earn Money Without AdSense

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At first, everyone is focused on creating a great blog. And the rule is that if a blog has good content quality, the best information, and blog design then more people will visit there. And if the blog has more visitors, then you can earn. In that case, many people prefer Google AdSense, but today I will share with you how to monetize website without adsense.

Some of the ways to monetize your blog other than Google Adsense are the monetization of Chrome extensions, monetization of ISO Android apps, monetization of Windows software, etc.

What is the best way to monetize your niche website / blog besides Google AdSense?

1. PPN Ads (Click Per Click):

Google Adsense is the most popular and widely used option. They serve relevant ads (images or text) based on your content and pay when someone clicks on the ad. Much depends on how much you can do with AdSense. First, advertisers are given keywords, so if you happen to write about something that has high-value keywords, each click will be much more valuable than other topics with less valuable keywords.

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monetize website without adsense | monetize blog without adsense

2. CPM Advertising:

Unlike CPS ads, CPM ads pay per impression. The audience doesn’t need to do anything to pay you. You just need to serve them ads. The downside is that you are paid almost nothing for each impression, meaning you have to get a lot of traffic to earn serious money.

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monetize website without adsense | monetize blog without adsense

3. CPA / Affiliate Advertising (Cost per Action):

CPA pay per action per ad. Viewers don’t just have to click on them, they actually have to do something, sign up / register with their email address or make a buy.

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monetize website without adsense | monetize blog without adsense

4. Text link:

Text links work the same way as the other ads mentioned above. You set aside space on your page and text links will begin to appear when purchased.

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monetize website without adsense | monetize blog without adsense

5. In-text advertising:

In-text ads do not need any more real estate, which is attractive to many site owners. Ads linked to texts in your content look like underlined or double-underlined words that are crackable. Some ads will pop up when some words are temporarily stopped. However, many viewers are confused by these ads and may be confused by the idea that the underlying text should be linked to another page of your website.

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monetize website without adsense | monetize blog without adsense

6. RSS feed ads:

Offering a feed to your content is important. More and more readers are using feeds to meet their favorite sites, and don’t make an offer that will alienate many readers who are interested in your textbook. Feeds still have many advertising options, but for now, you can still monetize your feed traffic.

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monetize website without adsense | monetize blog without adsense


No matter you decide to monetize your website, one of the most powerful things you can do is capture the information of the people who visit your website so that you can return to their website and take your multiple steps on their website.

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