The 11 Best WordPress Alternatives For 2021

The 11 Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

Here’s our list of website builders we found to be particularly useful Best WordPress alternatives for 2021:

  1. Wix (most flexible designs)
  2. Weebly (extremely easy)
  3. Jimdo (AI-powered sites)
  4. Squarespace (the pricey option)
  5. Joomla! (complex but powerful)
  6. Webnode (multilingual websites)
  7. Site123 (great free sites)
  8. Webflow (for designers)
  9. (easy to induce started)
  10. Shopify (#1 rated eCommerce)
  11. BigCommerce (great for SEO)

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1. Wix: the foremost flexible designs

While WordPress offers an unbelievably big selection of styles, we had to comprehend that customizing these designs to match our needs meant numerous tedious work and custom code. Building a Wix site is different. you progress the weather around with a click of the mouse, dropping them right where you wish them. All plans (even the free one!) include identical design options.

Wix: the foremost flexible designs
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

Video backgrounds and animations are not any problems whatsoever. This website builder gets SEO right, too. Portfolio pages, particularly, end up really expert, and most significantly, without being difficult to make. they need many business-focused apps (e.g. for hotels or restaurants) which will make your life easier if you’re in one in every one of these industries.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your template once you have got selected one, and you won’t have access to the source files.

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2. Weebly: As easy because it gets

Weebly may be a very intuitive website builder that has been wont to create around 40 million sites so far. Especially if you’re trying to find something freed from charge, Weebly is a wonderful choice. The free plan places a tiny low, gray Weebly banner in your website footer. Individual domains are often used from the Connect plan upward ($5 per month).

Weebly: As easy because it gets
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

The blog feature is that the most flexible we’ve seen. you’ll be able to create a variety of layouts and use all the available elements (e.g. galleries, contact forms, video integration, etc) and have blogging features (e.g. tags, categories, comments, etc), excellent for publishing posts. It also boasts an integrated video and audio player (Pro plan only).

3. Jimdo: The AI Builder

Building a site with Jimdo could be a good selection if you’re trying to find an assisted website builder. quite 20 million websites are created on Jimdo, and there’s a free basic plan you’ll attempt. The paid plans include not only the online editor but also images, content, and a straightforward online store.

Jimdo: The AI Builder
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

However, you have got to remember that Jimdo isn’t as feature-packed as other website builders. However, it’s a solid tool, and what it does, it does well.

If you’re a WordPress fan, you would possibly be disappointed that the templates are much less flexible in Jimdo, and also the blog is geared towards beginners over experienced bloggers. Nevertheless, the Jimdo blog may be a good module because it integrates into the web site so nicely.

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4. Squarespace: The pricey option

Squarespace may be a website builder that’s popular among creative users. The designs are very stylish and responsive, meaning that they automatically go with the screen size of each visitor. Nevertheless, we feel that Wix may be a bit better here because of the larger number of accessible designs.

 Squarespace: The pricey option
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

You can import your WordPress blog to Squarespace, which we sort of a lot. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend using Squarespace for blogging unless you don’t particularly care about SEO because page titles and meta descriptions can’t be adjusted for individual blog posts — which is incredibly important for ranking with search engines. However, remember that Squarespace is tougher to use than Wix or Weebly because of its convoluted interface.

Downsides are the limited depth of navigation (only two levels) and missing features for multilingual websites. the smallest amount expensive plan costs $12 per month — not precisely the greatest deal ever.

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5. Joomla: Complex but Powerful

If you discover WordPress too complicated, you’ll be able to stop right here. The Joomla! CMS definitely has some nifty features built right in, most significantly, management for multilingual web content — but it’s complicated! While WordPress sometimes almost appears like a web site builder for beginners, you’ll find Joomla! far more complex. Just take a look at the screenshots below.

Joomla: Complex but Powerful
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

On a more positive note, Joomla! is usually a way safer platform than WordPress. Hackers generally prefer the most important platform, and that’s what WordPress has become. Joomla! also has 2-factor authentification built right in, which makes it much harder for unauthorized visitors to interrupt into your website.

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6. Webnode: Multilingual Websites

This website builder is especially interesting if you’re trying to find a multilingual website builder. A feature that not many providers offer.

Webnode: Multilingual Websites
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

Generally, WordPress was designed as a tool to publish in one language only, though you’ll be able to add plugins that will enable you to feature translations to your website. So if you already know that you’ll be publishing in additional than one language, Webnode may bean excellent WordPress alternative for you.

Webnode’s blog isn’t corresponding to WordPress unfortunately. It’s very basic and doesn’t have features like categories or tags. Comments can only be displayed via the Facebook comments feature.

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7. Site123: Great free builder?

This website builder throws quite a few interesting features into the ring. and lots of them are even free! you have got the choice to form a One-Pager website (which is quite popular for smaller sites) or a classic multi-page site. you have got full access to their SEO features and support is there to assist you if mire.

Site123: Great free builder?
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

Site123’s premium version starts at $10.80 per month and includes an ad-free website along with your own name (which is free for the first year). within the Advanced (and higher) plans you’re also able to build multilingual sites, add eCommerce and channelize mass emailing.

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8. Webflow: the choice for designers

If your problem with WordPress isn’t that it’s too complicated but rather that you simply feel too limited, then Webflow should air your radar. The editor feels a small amount like Photoshop and offers a tonne of options. they’re just a small amount difficult to use for beginners (like myself).

Webflow: the choice for designers
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

It definitely helps to grasp something about the underlying code that Webflow’s visual editor generates. Their templates are brilliant and once you are doing get the hang of it you’ll be able to create amazing things with them. Next to the free plan, which allows two projects, there are paid plans starting at $12 per month.

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9. Medium — an area to read and write big ideas and important stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Every number of years there’s usually a replacement platform that gets hyped. The medium could be exemplary. they supply a very smooth editing experience through their editor.

Many companies moved or started their blog on the Medium platform. The lucky ones among them could still publish on their own sub-domain name. But that suddenly changed a long time back: now you have got to publish on Medium — an area to read and write big ideas and important stories domain, which may be a terrible idea if SEO is very important to you. Also, you get annoying mobile pop-ups pushing you into installing the Medium app.

Medium — an area to read and write big ideas and important stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

Just imagine Medium shuts down as did Posterous back within the days (which was an identical service). you’ll not necessarily lose all of your content but all the SEO rankings you ever created. to induce it right you wish to publish on your own name and preferably on your root domain (Blog) and not a sub-domain (Home). This has numerous SEO advantages.

As you’ll imagine, publishing on Facebook is simply SEO-unfriendly.

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What about eCommerce? — Best WooCommerce alternatives

WooCommerce is that the preferred eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It converts your website (and CMS) into an exceedingly fully-fledged online store. But as you’ll be able to imagine, creating, maintaining, and updating your online store would force technical knowledge.

It is true that every one of the previously mentioned tools (e.g. Weebly or Wix) will allow you to create an internet store easily. However, they’re not the most effective solutions for bigger eCommerce projects.

If you’re trying to find a more advanced solution that will really compare to WooCommerce, we bring you two good options.

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10. Shopify: The hassle-free store builder

If you’re searching for an easy-to-use alternative to WooCommerce, stop looking. Shopify is, in our experience, the simplest store builder out there for large projects. On top of it, they provide neat, responsive designs that may make your store look good on any device. They even have a giant community of users, partners, and developers.

Shopify: The hassle-free store builder
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

This eCommerce builder isn’t in need of features. you may be ready to create product variants, manage taxes & shipping effectively and even expand Shopify’s capabilities via their App Store.

Although it’s a very good solution, it’s pair of drawbacks. Working with multiple currencies isn’t as straightforward because it should be. Unless you utilize Shopify Payments as your default payment processor, Shopify will charge a transaction fee (0.5% — 2%) for every sale (online or offline) that you simply process.

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11. BigCommerce: Without transaction fees

This Australian store builder is an additionally a decent choice to build medium to big online stores with. Especially if you’re looking to form multi-currency eCommerce projects otherwise you need all the SEO features you’ll be able to get.

BigCommerce: Without transaction fees
Best WordPress Alternatives for 2021

Another cool thing is that BigCommerce won’t charge you a transaction fee for every sale that you simply process. However, they are doing have a yearly sales threshold that may force you to upgrade your plan is exceeded. Check all their prices and plans here to form sure you understand their conditions.

But if you are doing keep company with BigCommerce, you’ve got to understand that they are available with some pitfalls. Easily creating (not google-translated) multilingual online stores isn’t possible, not even with external apps or premium templates. Their designs may be a touch more modern-looking and there are easier-to-use alternatives (e.g. Shopify or Weebly).

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